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Love does not last forever (Romeos and Juliets) is a scenic experiment of Fritsch Company directed by Andrés Lima. What´s the theater, for you? And death? What is fear? And hate? What is love for you? The sixteen performers with and without diversity from Fritsch Company, professional company of Maite León’s Psycho Ballet Foundation - non-governmental organization dedicated to inclusive scenic arts since 1986 -, express with dance, physical and gestural theater what love means for them. Love from diversity, from youth, from a festive or a tragic point of view,  from abstraction or reality. Universal references such as Romeo and Juliet or Pyramus and Thisbe with the performers own love experiences are the starting point for a multidisciplinary show that brings together documentary theater mixed up with the representation on stage. Contemporary dance and a new form of performance  under the warmth, innovative and scenic look of the spanish stage director Andrés Lima. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/06/2017 / Available

Cast: Ana María Alonso, Julia Antón, Ricardo Cabrero, José Carlos de la Cal, Kube Escudero, Ana Fernández, María Galisteo, Esther Gómez, Adrián López, Yael López, José Ramón Marcos, Carla Mouchet, Germán Morales, Pilar Muñoz, Julen Serrano and Sébastien Thévenin.
Original idea and dramaturgy: Andrés Lima and Fritsch Company

Direction: Andrés Lima
Assistant Director: Laura Ortega
Second Assistant Director: Elena de Lucas
Video Director: Miquel Ángel Raió
Video Assistant: Gonzalo Bernal
Scenographer and costume designer: Beatriz San Juan
Assistant Scenographer and costume designer: Almudena Bautista
Lighting designer: Lua Quiroga (Supervised by Valentín Álvarez).
Sound Designer: Enrique Mingo
Choreographies: Fritsch Company
Technical team of the FPBML: Clemente Jiménez, Santiago Ayala.
A Production of Maite León’s Psycho Ballet Foundation

Length: 60 minutes
Accessible show (subtitled for the deaf people).
Formats for tour: 16 or 8 performers.