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synopsis of the Performance


A man dresses in animal attributes to transcend his human condition. My desire to fly makes me want to be a bird, to see the mysteries hidden at night, something I am losing as a being, far from the nature to which I belong and am every day more oblivious.


I recognise myself in the canine teeth tearing off the flesh of others in hate and vengeance. I recognise myself in other beasts defending themselves with nails, claws, or horns when as a victim I feel cornered. Our animals, whom we have dreamt about, liked, or been repulsed by, all form part of my mysterious being.


I have imagined reaching high summits alone or accompanied. Imagining myself being one of them has made me wish to have a part of their souls to know, recognise, and accept myself.


Today I live in a noisy concrete jungle, a world of meetings and mix-ups, mix-ups with other gentle beasts longing for fresh air, a sky full of stars, a smell of soil sharpening my senses, and taking me back to the nature I belong to, and renounce as my owner. Naked, without the disguise of a man, my animal awakens.

Roberto Torres

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 23/03/2018 / Available

Idea and Direction: Roberto Torres
Choreographies: Paula Quintana, Paloma Hurtado, Daniel Morales y Roberto Torres
Performers: Paula Quintana, Paloma Hurtado, Daniel Morales
Wardrobe: Yaiza Pinillos
Felt Making: Svetlana Gromik
Tailoring: José Castro
Original Music
Composed and Performed: Samuel Aguilar
Violoncello: Miguel Jaubert
Goblet Drum: Juan Javier Rodríguez
Images: Joaquin Ponce De León
Light Design: Grace Morales
Photography: Miguel Barreto
Recording and Video: Yudeimis Acosta – Jolongo Producciones
Produce: Centro Insular de Artes Escénicas
Support: Teatro Victoria
Artistic Residency: Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera
Production: Jesús Caramés y Marliuz Borges
Recognitions: Andres E. Fernández Hernández – Rayco Studio, Luca Lorenzo Sala, Carmen Werner, Jose Luis Rivero, Jean M. Jiménez Meca, y Leandro González