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Dare to ponder solitude, to discover, perhaps, that paradise is not a place, but rather a perceptive act through which to construct one's own reality.

A heart rushes evading solitude fleeing into the Other heartbeats merge lost in the meld Where is paradise?

During the vigil the inertia in human relationships relaxes the senses, mechanizes the lessons learned, habituates the heart's opacity, thereby facilitating coincidence, and probable contingencies, a slowing rupture of the line’s dizzying speed. Dissolving patterns after reaching the threshold will be each one's responsibility.


The evolution of human relationships and their potential for fostering harmony continue to be sources of inspiration and a ground for exploration for the Sharon Fridman Company.

In this duo we delve into the complexity of an unconscious relationship, in which one projects onto the other what is not, what they need, what they demand, what they lose, what hurts them... Repetition leads to a tempo that sacrifices consciousness. Movement, in a relationship, which is born from a need, demands satisfaction on the part of the other. In each repetition a route is grooved, and it is only by taking that same movement to its limit that we can branch off to another place. The other is always a reflection, always a projection screen. Attributing to the other what happens to one can facilitate the task of perceiving what is happening inside, thus sharing points of view.

The lines in space trace paths that extend from dependence to trust, from fear to loneliness to fusion, from fear of the void to paradise. For more than 10 years, the Sharon Fridman Company has been using and exploring the language of contact to express the nature of human relationships and their lives in space. It is through contact that we come to know ourselves. It is the path by which the information on one's moods streams.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 07/08/2019 / Available

Artistic direction & Choreography: Sharon Fridman
Dancers: Melania Olcina & Arthur Bernard Bazin/ Maite Laranieta
Original music & Sound: Idan Shimoni & Ofer Smilanksy
Live Musician: Ofer Smilansky
Space Design: Sharon Fridman & Ofer Smilansky in collaboration with Oficina 4Play
Costume: MIZO, by Inbal Ben Zaken
Photo: Juan Carlos Arevalo