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Do you love me? Is a play inspired by Medea. In the Medea of ​​Euripides or Müller and 
in the psychological disorder that pushes a parent to harm his "object of desire" 
through their children. From the tragic Medea takes elements such as rite, agon, or restoration 
of order and combine with the possible emotions associated with this disorder: anger,
craving for revenge, a certain kind of madness ...

"There is a trace left by everyone who crosses our path, and that trace remains in time"
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Premiered: 29/12/2016 / Available

Direction, performer,producer: Cristina Hernández Cruz
Lighting Design: Grace Morales

This show opens on December 29th 2016, at 19:30 for Canarios dentro y Fuera festival, 15th edition.

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