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Divenire: To become, evolve, make yourself. One more step, a totally dierent work from anything created before. The heart of our emotions, is the starting point for the metaphorical development of the work: situations experienced by the individual, that shape and influence the group, the desire to improve personal and group level, the evolution through efort, collaboration … the group is the circle, a cycle that repeats itself, feeds on itself and leads ultimately to the end of a long journey to achieve our dreams. Divenire is break dancing, Hip Hop, contemporary composition, multimedia … All this led to its fullest that will amuse, vibrate and surprise the audience.

COT, a break dance company wich comes from its urban movements to open diferent pathways to new contemporary movements,
creating fusions of diferent disciplines in a piece of urban dance.

Logela, performing arts multimedia collective has created a sober scenic design to wrap COT´s choreography: video creations that interact with dancers.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/05/2013 / Available

Art Direction: Jordi Vilaseca
Dancers: David Ventosa, Ignacio Fernández, Marcos Pardo, Alberto Pardo, Juan Manuel Aragon, Victor Lazaro
Production: Toño Monzon
Choreography: Circle Of Trust
Imagine: Clothing, Wesc and Unity
Scenery: Logela
Video footage: Imanol Garaizabal, Peio Agirre
Sound: Ander Garaizabal
Lighting: Jon Zubia
Genre: Multimedia Dance