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Divenire: To become, evolve, make yourself. One more step, a totally dierent work from anything created before. The heart of our emotions, is the starting point for the metaphorical development of the work: situations experienced by the individual, that shape and influence the group, the desire to improve personal and group level, the evolution through efort, collaboration ... the group is the circle, a cycle that repeats itself, feeds on itself and leads ultimately to the end of a long journey to achieve our dreams. Divenire is break dancing, Hip Hop, contemporary composition, multimedia ... All this led to its fullest that will amuse, vibrate and surprise the audience. COT, a break dance company wich comes from its urban movements to open diferent pathways to new contemporary movements, creating fusions of diferent disciplines in a piece of urban dance. Logela, performing arts multimedia collective has created a sober scenic design to wrap COT´s choreography: video creations that interact with dancers. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/05/2013 / Available

Art Direction: Jordi Vilaseca
Dancers: David Ventosa, Ignacio Fernández, Marcos Pardo, Alberto Pardo, Juan Manuel Aragon, Victor Lazaro
Production: Toño Monzon
Choreography: Circle Of Trust
Imagine: Clothing, Wesc and Unity
Scenery: Logela
Video footage: Imanol Garaizabal, Peio Agirre
Sound: Ander Garaizabal
Lighting: Jon Zubia
Genre: Multimedia Dance