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“After mowing the lawn, the courage to not make noise” Zig Zag Danza

Show that introduces us to the conflict of human relationships. From a pictorical aesthetic, every viewer will feel reflected in the situations that the dancers put on stage. What happens when we alter the established order, do things retain their meaning? immutable values ​​falter and as a gambler we try our luck at the matching game. There is no answer, we lower our heads and find the navel, perhaps to discover that each one is what he himself wants to be.     Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 28/01/2012 / Available

Premiered: 01/28/2012 / Available

Stage Direction: Estrella García

Choreography and Interpretation: Estrella García and Miguel Quiroga

Music: J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi.

Lighting design: Fernando Vega

Sound: Secundino García

Scenic Space and Costumes: Zig Zag Dance

Technical assistance at Gira: Sensorimetric

Production and distribution: Zig Zag Danza S.L.