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Desconcierto Estudio 1: Nocturno Alicia Soto – Hojarasca

"create the perfect silence, that just the rumors of our body live, hear the blood slipping between the undulant softness of the veins, blood heartbeat, neck artery pumping, pump the heart, the vibration of the ribs, the gurgling of the intestines, air whistling between the hairs of the noses"
(Saramago, 2007: 139).
Premiere at Salón de los Espejos (Hall of Mirrors), Teatro Calderón. As architecture, the Hall of Mirrors at the Calderon Theater, Valladolid, a nineteenth century building. The sound element, a piano and as a studio and a key point of the drama, "Nocturnes" by Chopin, these being the theme of this mapping. Parts that appear like tributaries on a different piano course. Creating a musical dialogue between the protagonists: the living room and the public, pianist and dancer. The concept of "deconstructing" shall be exercised in all elements of the work: the scores, the character of the pianist against the construction of the character of the dancer and choreographic movements, reinforced by the time that marks an invisible thread this story. Creating two parallel realities. A story whose last character is the audience. At the end of the show will remain a conversation with the public Credits and datasheet
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Art Direction and choreography Alicia Soto
Pianist Mario Rosado Hernández
Stage direction Dolores de Matos y Julio Martín da Fonseca
Interpreters Alicia Soto y Mario Rosado Hernández
Lighting Design Miguel Ángel Camacho
Text notes José Saramago
Texts Alicia Soto
Musical Tracks Chopin Nocturnes and Preludes
Fotography Luis Antonio Barajas
Video Manuel Rodríguez Arnanz
Costumes Cía. Alicia Soto
Graphic Design José Navarro Sánchez
Comunication Carolina Saiz
Administration Sofía García Fernández
Production Cía. Alicia Soto-Hojarasca
With the collaboration Teatro Calderón de ValladolidFiar Centro de Artes de Rua, Palmela. PortugalTeatro Universitario de Lisboa.
Acknowledgements Julio Martín da FonsecaEscuela Modulando (Valladolid)Dolores de Matos.