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"de Sangre y RAZA" a Flamenco and Spanish Classical Dance

Created for 14 dancers (with option to be reduced to a cast of 10)

Duration 1h 10'

"de Sangre y RAZA" is a review of the history of our dance, from the eighteenth century to the present, showing the 4 schools of national dance: the Bolero School, Spanish Classical dances (and it's stylization), Folklore and Flamenco.
  • The first suite is "Abolengo". Bolero school and stylization. The influence of classical ballet in our own dances and folk develop a new style of dances that mixed the traditional customs and elements of Spanish folklore dances like castanets or fang with the classic ballet. This Suite dances about love and the relationships between men and women in the Europe of XVIII century.
  • Folklore comes through the Suite "Raigambre". Here we see four very different pieces witch talk about a story that leads us through the turbulent history of the Spain postwar period.  Charro, Jota, a nana fromValencia and Muñeira from Galicia will show us four different feelings that represent the Spanish culture and soul.
  • As an intermission, we will show  a "pas de deux" called "Renacer" that using the movements of the stylization of Spanish dance, introduces a more contemporary language.
  • To end the show, the third Suite; "Origen". A tour of flamenco from the Andalusian patios and the Cafes Cantantes to the flamenco clubs, ending in the most current and theatrical Flamenco style.
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 29/07/2014 / Available

Dirección Artística y coreografía: Juan Manuel Prieto
Dirección escénica e Iluminación: Carlos Fajardo
Diseño y realización de Vestuario: Carmen Granell
Diseño de Sonido: Juan Rivas
Music Various Artist
Duration: 1h 10′