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“During a winter’s dusk, a little girl headed back home; but the cold and the headwind were stopping her from doing so. From way up high, someone watches over her, it is the son of the Sun! the one in charge of seasonal change. He quickly descended in order to help her, and with a flower he meant to gently present her. What a big surprise it was! to find out that the weather itself impeded him from doing so. Instantly he used his power, and went through each and everyone season. He spent Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn; then he realised not everything is what he imagined. Never give up on things, as hard as they may seem! Finally, the son of the Sun gained a friend, but only with creativity, effort and perseverance’s help”. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 19/12/2014 / Available

Idea and Direction: Inma Montalvo
Fernando Hurtado
Choreography: Inma Montalvo
Choreography Collaboration: Abraham Muñoz
Dancers: Inma Montalvo
Abraham Muñoz
Costume Design: Sofia Lasserrot
Inma Montalvo
Scehography Design: Inma Montalvo
Fernando Hurtado
Lighting Design: Sergio Rodríguez
Proyections: José Carlos Acal
Draftsman: Jorge Masiques
Costume Realization: Carmen
Scenography Realization: Fran Coronado
Production Office: Pablo Lomba