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DANZANTES – DANCERS (documentary featured film) ES.ARTE


DANZANTES - DANCERS is a documentary about Dance that expands the subject to a global, transversal cultural conversation. Dance as art, as therapy, as communication, as self expression in a film that takes a snapshot of what it means to dance in today's world. +info:  
Director Biography - JUAN VICENTE CHULIÁ : He's worked as cinematographer, cultural journalist and film critic for over 25 years. Currenty he's the coordinator of the Madrid's Contemporary Music Association, and founder of EPOS LAB at Centro Conde Duque in Madrid. He's been doing camera work for companies like Twitter, Editorial Planeta and Antena 3 TV. Danzantes is his third long featured film.
In 2020, together with ES.ARTE, he won the SEMINCI FACTORY award. In 2021 together they will premiere the short film "Frugal" and the feature film "Halffter, 90 compases" at the 66SEMINCI International Festival.
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Premiered: 30/10/2019 / Available

Producen: ES.ARTE y Juan Vicente Chuliá. 
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Duración: 82 minutos
Director: Juan Vicente Chuliá (España) –