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Dancing with my Shadows is an Avant-garde Flamenco Dance project. The corporeal flamenco movement of the creator and dancer Obdulia Bustos merges with the live singing of the great cantaora “Nieves Hidalgo” and the original music, created for her by the great composer Ignacio Fernández.

Directed to all audiences; focused on unconventional spaces or theater rooms and with a medium-length format.

It is in the distribution phase, with a release date of April 23rd, 2021, at the 19th Edition of the Canarios Inside and Outside Dance Festival (Tenerife).


The main objective of this project is to create a personal reflection on the viewer through its own Flamenco.

And consequently to this root:

  • Dance starting from meridian 0 (origin meridian) through calm and harmony.
  • Manifest a body from a firm avant-garde Flamenco, with its own identity.
  • Create a scenic experience where the two languages ​​of the artists coexist in common-union.
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/09/2020 / Available

Creator and Dancer: Obdulia Bustos
Vocal collaboration: Nieves Hidalgo (cantaora)
Creation and assignment of the musical piece: Ignacio Fernández (accompaniment by Dorina Gavrilita)
Photographs: Andrés Górriz
Audiovisual recording: Georgina Gelos
Web design: Sonia Gil
Graphic design: Cristo Morales
Year of creation of the work: September 2020 ©
Registration in the intellectual property of authors: TF-362-20 (11/11/2020) ® – Registration with the SGAE in process.