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The DA.TE dance contemporary dance company was born in the city of Granada, under the artistic direction and choreography of Omar Meza in October 1999, aiming to show and publicize contemporary dance as a current, live, and appropriate language to tell stories compromised. Da.Te dance is a consolidated project that has acquired own hallmarks the professionalism and commitment. All medium format of the company projects are sponsored by the National Institute of scenic arts and music (INAEM) and agreed with the Ministry of culture of the Board of Andalucia.

Now the company is formed by a stable team of seven professionals who develop their activity in three areas of work: management/production team, artistic team and team Tecnico.From its creation the company has premiered with success of critics and audiences 18 shows.

Since October 1999 to date, Da.Te dance has made a total of 1,950 functions (an average of 135 annual functions) has reached more than 300,000 spectators and attended performances in all the Spanish autonomous communities and 17 foreign countries: Romania, Italy, Mexico, France, Uruguay, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Austria, Andorra, Serbia, Germany, Russia Italy and Turkey.

Award-winning shows. 12 awards in total.

-A horse in the sky. Best children’s show in the Feria de Teatro in the South. Palm of the 1999 River, Córdoba.

– Half of the truth is in the eye. Best original music at the Feria de Teatro in the South. Palm River 2000, Córdoba.

– Alonso Quijano good. Three awards: best set design, best music and best direction in Feten 2006, Gijón

– Tondo round. Best show for early childhood in the Feria de Teatro in the South. Palm of the Rio 2007, Córdoba. Best children’s show of the Bursa Theater Festival for Children and Young People 2008. Russia.

– dreams. Special mention of the jury at the Fira de Titelles de Lleida 2010.-Moon River. Best dance performance in Feten 2011.

-What’s my name? Best show of dance for children Feten 2015.Mejor Feten male dance interpreter 2015

Da. Te dance has performed productions of their shows with different countries such as Italy, Mexico and others, in addition to establish exchanges through artistic creation residences. The company drives projects aimed at children of the most disadvantaged sectors of the population through dance and pedagogy and is at this point where we want to establish ties of marriage with other countries such as Morocco, working from the schools Street, social centres etc. and making families participants with a universal language without words.

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  • Manager José Omar Mesa Frías
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone 605 814 721 / 666 566 844
  • Phone 958 550 704
  • State Granada
  • City Churriana de la vega
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