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Cualquier día fue ayer Compañía Nómada

Contemporary dance-theatre piece that brings together two countries, Costa Rica (Andrea Catania Lasafueras) and Spain (Roberto Torres Compañía Nómada), together with professional performing arts artists, to result in a dazzling, powerful, disturbing co-production that It aims to generate exchanges, strengthen links between companies from different countries and promote artistic creation.

With the main objective of creating a piece that speaks to us of the current socio-political environment, of the inter-generation, from a movement point of view, taking MAGMA as a starting point, we want to promote contemporary creation, favor, enrich and create synergies between the cultures of both participating countries, to consolidate the cultural fabric of the performing arts and contemporary dance in particular.

MAGMA -concert for two bodies- is an encounter, a metaphor of the inner world, of what is not seen, but felt. Making visible the intimate struggle of each person for their happiness, for their sanity, for their redemption, is a path full of obstacles, but not an impossible path to travel. What is needed is abandonment: of prejudices, of themselves, of the hope that everything will be alright. Perhaps it will not be, but this is not the goal; the goal is not to know in advance, but to live the experience to discover our own limits and be able to transcend them.

Three bodies, three minds, three past, three present and three cultures; a Canarian, a Costa Rican and a Romanian decided to undertake this journey together out of a need to get to know each other better, to know their own identities in a deeper way and to find the core of their bond through a shared creative process.

S  I  N  O  P  S  I  S

MAGMA - the internal fire, creator of the living space we share; entrails growl, fire churns, and the repercussions are sometimes unrelentingly cruel, sometimes grotesquely majestic. Beauty is a steamroller in perpetual motion. Let's take a breath while the air still exists, let's remember while we can remember.

distrust hugs

distrust achievements

distrust the truth

distrust the images be wary of censorship

distrust the punishments

distrust your heroes

distrust all that glitters

distrust the abstract

distrust pauses

distrust what is suggested

distrust the dance

distrust your memories

distrust what they feel

distrust not to fail

distrust never fail forever

MAGMA - a metaphor that unites us with who we were and who we will be again: emptiness, earth, body, word, idea, legend, oblivion, earth, emptiness.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 04/06/2022 / Available

Cast: Andrea Catania and Roberto Torres
Choreography: Andrea Catania and Roberto Torres
Direction and dramaturgy: Alex Catona
Original soundtrack: Alex Catona
Lighting Design: Alfredo Díez-Umpiérrez and Richy Gardez
Costume design: Ana Sanfiel
Rigger: Jesús Raya
Image: Joaquin Ponce de Leon
Audiovisuals: Yudeimis Acosta – Jolongo Productions
Production: Marliuz Borges and Laura Ballesta
Co-producers: Nómada and Lasafueras Companies
Sponsors: Cabildo de Tenerife and Government of the Canary Islands