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Who said be afraid, ashamed, hide? Bullshit!! We're visible bodies, disobedient and dissident that do not want to be fit into to the dichotomous gender clusters nor repressed by society. As Pedro Lemebel said “... the body as a platform to dismantle cultural symbols structuring society, especially those referring to the division between masculine and feminine.




CROTCH, is a dance-performance show. It reflects about gender, the stereotypes set by a hetheropatriarchal society, sexual violence and inequality due to gender or sexuality. All this is done from a queer and transfeminist point of view. The show casts professional performers and others that might not be professional but belonging to the local affected collectives. Catalina Carrasco, who's the company's director, teaches a two days workshop focused on the body, movement and gender, targeted to the feminist and LGBT community. Four volunteers will be selected among the workshop participants. For five days, these will be part of a creation workshop and will join the three dancers of the company on stage, at the upcoming show.

FROM FERNANDO SOLLA @ En Platea ( essential show for both, its genuine way of presenting themselves 
to the audience and the sincerity and naturalness
 transmitted throughout the whole piece.”

“… the word empathy is not strong enough to express such a total and complete assimilation awakened inside us.”Crotch achieves… reciprocal participation and rupture of the forth wall.”

“… This way, we as an audience, feel the need to physically manifest (together with them) our feelings and share the stage…
 Is there any higher achievement for a choreographer and for a show where dancing has such a primordial role.
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 09/09/2016 / Available

Choreography & Direction: Catalina Carrasco
Interpreters: Catalina Carrasco, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Elena Lalucat + 4 personas invitadas (locales)
Lighting design & video: Gaspar Morey