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Cristina Hernández Cruz
Born in Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma (S/C de Tenerife) 6/1/1976.
She has a degree in Dramatic Art (superior degree in Dramatic Art
at EAC 2008-2012,Actors' School of Canary islands) .

In childood she combines sports and artistic activities
(music, theater, gimnastics, handball,..)

She worked as an IT engineer until the beginning of 2012,
since then she's been working as an actress / performer /
dancer / actress for different companies and also as creator, 
interpreter and director of her own pieces.

Additional training (coursos and worksops)
2012. Body Mapping (Body percussion). Keith Terry.
2013. The memory of the object (Objetcs' manipulation). 
      Xavier Bovés.
2013. Transvestite office (Aesthetics queer in performing arts).    
      Regina Fiz Santos. 
2013. Under Construction. Amalia Fernández (Leal.lav).
      Research/construction process around the dramaturgy 
      on scene and dance.
2013. Move the body (Contemporary dance). Carmelo Salazar.
2014. Appraisers (Contemporary dance + theory of communication). 
      Quim Bigas. 
2014. Accoustic of the movement (Contemporary dance). Mónica Valenciano. 
2015. Life. Workshop on scenic creation, biagraphy and fiction. Marco Canale. 
2016. Mix en scene. Amaranta Velarda y Alba Corral. 
2016. Joyful contemplation of the sorrow. Bárbara Sánchez, Jaime Conde Salazar. 
2016. Master class body-performance Improvável produÇões.                     
2017. Workshop on MopArt Training (contemporary dance). Igor Calonge. 
Own Creations 
2017.the broken cage allows the bird to fly. 
In situ creation for Cuadernos escénicos, 
Cuadernos en ruta, with the musicians Juan Carlos León Mosco and Mar Gutiérrez. 
(Dance music theater)   
2016.Do you love me? Premiered on Canarios dentro y fuera festival. 
(Dance and theater) 
2017.Playing Shadows. (Performance).                                                                                                     
2014.Sin título. Performance 
2013.Falling. (Short piece. Theater).


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