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CreAcción is a coherent choreography with the consolidated aesthetics and scenic modes of Metamorphosis, yet it has arisen from a process anything but usual. This piece, intended for five dancers, is not exempt from the rigour, perfectionism, and physical demands, so characteristic of the company ́s work. Aesthetically, it follows the visual research that has given rise to former works, such as Elkarrizketa Ilunak and In the Nude.

The choreography moves its five performers around the stage with precision and skill. Nothing is left to chance in the search for poise, elegance, and a constant communication with the lighting, music, and the special scenic device. Together these elements are key in rendering the enigmatic atmosphere of the play. With its painstaking composition, CreAcción flows through a chain of short solos, duets, trios, and group work of great poise and musicality. At times there are moments of breathtaking speed, and at others, a peaceful pace, yet equally demanding in terms of its individual physicality and collective understanding.

The installation of an enormous lighting artifact in white neon, created by Bacovich, dominates both the scenic space and the ensuing actions on it. Far from working as a mere decorative sculpture, the device constantly transforms and mutates as if it were the director of the orchestra, a living being taking decisions and defining the paths and work spaces of the performers. All is done accompanied by the beauty of the thundering sombre music, the work of Juan Belda, and the fascinating lighting, designed by Nicolas Fischtel.

In essence, CreAcción offers a sensory, yet, seductive experience, which takes it a step up in the rigour and creativity already so characteristic of all the work by Metamorphosis Dance.

It has been recognised with two Max Awards 2022: Best Choreography (to Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich) and Best Light design (to Nicolas Fischtel).

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 06/11/2021 / Available

Idea Original / Coreografía: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

Diseño escenográfico: Igor Bacovich, Iratxe Ansa

Diseño de vestuario: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

Diseño de iluminación: Nicolas Fischtel

Música original: Juan Belda

Bailarines: Igor Bacovich, Katherine Currier, Clementine Dumas, Antonella Albanese, David Serrano.

Audiovisuales: Igor Bacovich, Danilo Moroni, Juan Carlos Toledo.

Producción ejecutiva: La Cia de la luz

Distribución: Claudia Morgana (Danzas del Mundo)

Una producción de Metamorphosis Dance y Museo de la Universidad de Navarra

Duración: 1 hora 6 minutos