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Coyolx is the choreographic version proposed by EnClaveDANZA about the myth of the Aztec goddess Coyolxauhqui, approached from a contemporary perspective. Simultaneously, it both questions and delves into the meaning of the sacred sacrifice in this mythology where one has to die to be reborn, as well as proposes reflection about the repercussions of violence against women.  The premise “And what if the goddesses had refused the right to sacrifice?” allows for an unveiling of one of the many stories that for centuries have depicted the impact of violence or inequality suffered by women. Those very women have, on the one hand, been a primary source of inspiration for this play, yet its particular nature facilitates the creation of scenes that transmit an undertone clearly indifferent to their plight.   The piece starts off with a review of the nature of this myth from the poetry book Diosas del agua [‘The Goddesses of Water’] by the Mexican author Jeannette Clariond. In her work she clearly shows how completely senseless it is to talk about mythological sacrifice in a world where countless Mexican women are slain as a result of a disturbing tendency to abuse the female gender. Jeannette L Clariond is as erudite as sensitive a poet, much acclaimed by the Spanish press. Her themes delve into the primordial fabrics of love, death, and the very enigma of life. Her commitment is two-fold, true to her poetry as well as to human existence.    Excerpts and first-hand testimonies With the object of finding a workspace to reflect and do research for the play, the group has been engaging in a series of dialogues with immigrant women in Madrid. Through those encounters these women have gained the confidence to share their first-hand insight into the marks left behind from the current-day violence against women. The piece To the sound of original music performed live, two dancers put shape to ideas such as the fall, resistance, and tense drama, as well as an element of subtle tenderness of both sensual and mystic fantasy. Bodily liquids, blood, and placentae are fluids that can evoke both unpleasant feelings of horror, as well as convey a sense of vitality and a hopeful anticipation of life to come.  Credits and datasheet

Artistic direction: Cristina Masson

Choreographers and performers: Cristina Masson & Estrella Martín Picanes

Performer and live music: Miguel Ruiz de Elvira

Communication: Culturia Innovación Social

Dramaturgy: EnClaveDanza & Culturia Innovación Social

Lighting design: Félix Gontán

Costumes: EnClaveDANZA
Poster design : Culturia Innovación Social

Photos: Julia Isasti y Clara Dapena.

Production: EnClaveDANZA

Length: 50 minutes

Project based on the collection of poems Goddesses of Water by Jeanette Clariond.

Support : Comunidad de Madrid

Others collaborators : Choreographic Center Canal de Teatros del Canal, Cultural Institute of Mexico in Spain, Cultural Center Sanchinarro y Cultural Center Casa de Vacas.

Premiere: 5 de November de 2021.