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Convoy is a project that plays with a broad range of emotions and a high physicality. Convoy is about the journey of four women and the confrontation and the collaboration they find along this journey. It deals with resilience, overcoming and personal empowerment. We live in societies that consider the capacity of women to contact with their emotions a weakness. But they hold on, they follow their path, they fight and give up, they resist and they forgive. They break down barriers that hold them back from being themselves and they give in to the complexity of being. The audience empathizes with these women who lay their vulnerability bare, uncover their moments of hysteria, offer their power of seduction, build up their strength and start their joyful playing. Entering this personal and intimate space the spectator suffers, cries and laughs with the performers. The possibility of cracking open new aspects arises. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 30/01/2015 / Available

Choreography/Director: Horacio Macuacua
Dancers: Paula Carmona, Annika Havlicek, Rosa María Montoliu, Teresa Martín,Laura Morales
Light design: Ernesto Monza

Duration: 55 minutes