Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

Comum is a piece that explores the dynamics of interaction and lifeforms in modern societies in a direct and immediate way. The representation starts with an installation, to wind its way through diverse points of action in duos and solos. The spectators must move to attend them and by the time the piece has finished everybody finds themselves in a totally different context. Comum is a participative, itinerant site-specific performance, the international cast of perfomers switch between choreography and improvisation to break artificial dynamics and create new dances and new ways of situating a dance piece in the environment where it is presented. Intensity of intention, veracity and the interaction between the performers, the space and the spectators are the fundamental character traits of each representation.   Credits and datasheet

Concept/Creation: Horacio Macuacua
Performers (Europe): Paula Carmona, Annika Havlicek, Laura Morales, Idio Chichava, Horacio Macuacua
Music and soundscapes: Nandele Maguni

Duration: 30 minutes