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“Physical, energetic work; with technical requirement, and so much theatricality”, in a few words, we can define the work of Fernando Hurtado Dance Company. A Contemporary Dance Company, founded in 2000, with over 30 national and international productions

Not only our productions in Spain demonstrate, but all International jobs that have been made since 2005 in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Most of them with National Ballets and artistic ensembles of up to 100 dancers.

“We don’t see things as they are but as we are” And so we work our performances. Places where things are always happening and where the viewer inside with a thougth and leave thinking back to see Dance.

In all this way has accompanied us a pedagogical work, which has led us to share workshops and courses in each of the countries visited.

“The style starts when you don’t know to do things differently”


Among the awards received throughout his career include the Third Prize at the XIV Contemporary Dance Choreography Competition, Madrid 2000, with the work “Deseo Atrevido”  · Winner at XV Contemporary Dance Choreography Competition, Madrid 2001, with the work “Quisiera borrarte de un suspiro”; First Prize II Andalusia choreography Competition with the piece “Respira Profundamente”· Awards for the Performing Arts Valencia 2007 best choreography director for “Un Gramo de Locura”; and best dancer, Fernando Hurtado · recognition of his international career, Performing Arts Congress, Malaga 2011 · FETEN 2012 Award for Best Dance Show “CHARLIE” · Audience Award Russafa (Valencia) Best Dance Performance 2012 MAX Awards Finalist Best Show Children Andaluz 2014 · Theatre Awards 2014 for Best Male Artist and Best Choreography

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