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Circuit Peep box is a research and creation project for the production of a multitudinous performance for site-specific and / or non-conventional spaces. The aim is to make the dance have a closer and more playful contact with a wider and more diverse audience within an urban context.
Maximum of 50 participants Duration of the workshop: 10 days - 5 hours and a half per day Performance Duration: 45-50 minutes Workshop Designed and imparted by Mey-Ling Bisogno with the collaboration of Diana Bonilla contact improvisation teacher and Marianela Pensado theatrical coach, the workshop will allow the participants to experience the "circuit method", a composition code created by Mey-Ling which has given that special trademark to her works. By means of games with very precise cues, sequences of movements and everyday actions decoded in pure movement, the participants will experience an emotional, physical and interpretative development that will leed to the composition of a giant circuit, where each will become an essential piece of the Mechanism ... a single body, between different people in a single work. Performance Throughout the hour, workshop participants shared with the public the work they had done during the previous days. In a mixed format between the dance show and then a conversation, where the audience will be able to delve into the experience of the participants and the company during the workshop.
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 10/06/2018 / Available

Artistic direction and choreography: Mey-Ling Bisogno
Choreographic assistance and training in Contact Improvisation: Diana Bonilla
Theater: Marianela Pensado
Music: Martín Ghersa
Video and photography: Eva Viera