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Violeta Borruel Company

Violeta Borruel Company, is a recently created contemporary dance company. It arises in 2019 due to Violeta Borruel’s concern and need to express herself through the artistic language of the body.

Violeta Borruel has a strong interest in choreography and in the physical and emotional states that the body generates. Her works present a deep social background, trying to induce reflection and generate a transcendent experience in the viewer. Dancing from the soul, from the deepest part of the being, in a spiral of feelings, ideas and sensations with the desire to cross consciences and create spaces for corporeal dialogue.

The company’s language is characterized by a fluid, aesthetic and at the same time very physical movement, accompanied by a careful musical selection, and often fused with other arts such as audiovisual, poetry, sculpture … The choreographies are developed in a creative process based on body research and anthropological analysis as a constant search for answers from the choreographer and dancer, Violeta Borruel, that lead him to travel worlds where lived experiences and imagination converge.

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