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Cia. Proyecto Uno

Company composed of a solid artistic and technical team, under the direction of Inmaculada Jiménez, who after a long career as a dancer and performer takes the initiative to create a team of work, responding to need for developing an artistic search.

Proyecto Uno / is born in 2006 with the aim of experiencing and explore on the relationship between the arts and new technologies, more specifically on the mise en scene andinteraction: body-space- technological devices.

The dance seen in its relation to other arts and particularly with visual arts, plastics, and electronic music. Advance the idea that the body, particularly the body in dance, can by its multi-sensory dimension and extraordinary poetic potential, risk having a presence in this universe and where their confrontation is an essential means of invention and new construction, new writings …

The company has made numerous training activities,arts and culture since creation in 2006, workshops, installations, presentations work in progress, as well as collaborations with other companies and artists.

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  • Manager Inmaculada Jimenezc
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone 670900753
  • Phone 954156678
  • State Sevilla
  • City Tomares
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