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ASHES or Give me a reason to not disintegrate Losdedae

ASHES or Give me a reason to not disintegrate starts when Chevi Muraday visits La Casa de la Portera, an innovative space for exhibitions in Madrid where the public experiences a new way of theatre thanks to its small format. La Casa de la Portera’s managers, José Martret and Alberto Puraenvida, supported the project from a very beginning. On the one hand, including contemporary dance in their programme was very attractive and, on the other hand, to transform La Casa de la Portera in an exceptional theatrical scenography was also a challenge. Thanks to the exact reproduction of one of the rooms of this doorwoman house the work could be performed in any classic format theatre. Following Chevi Muraday’s work together with Alberto Velasco, a regular actor and dancer of the company, they both have created a universe that can just be understood in La Casa de la Portera. Two characters speak with their bodies supported by Pablo Messiez and Gillem Clua’s texts. They create a toxic atmosphere that inevitably connects them. It’s only them who understand their relationship and there will be just one way of escape. Finalist XVIII Max Awards: Best Dancer (Chevi Muraday) and Best Dance Performance Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 10/10/2013 / Available

Original Idea: Chevi Muraday
Performers: Alberto Velasco and Chevi Muraday
Choreography and Art Direction: Chevi Muraday
Stage Direction: David Picazo
Direction Assistant: Manuela Barrero
Music: Ricardo Miluy / Mariano Marín
Texts: Pablo Messiez / Guillem Clua / Alberto Velasco
Scenography Design: Alberto Puraenvidia (La Casa de la Portera)
Image and Sound Design and Scenic Adaptation: Emilio Valenzuela
Atrezzo: Juan Villa (Prometeo Escultura)
Scenography Production: Javier Álvarez
Visual Artist: Roc Alemany
Costume Design: Ana López
Photography: Marta Vidanes / Pollobarba
Graphic Design: Roberto S. Miguel / María Muraday
Executive Production: Luciana Pattin
Production: LOSDEDAE SL