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This piece is not about racism. In many ways, many times during my travels I have encountered discrimination towards me and my skin colour. Often, I have confronted these people and situations with frustration and anger. I ask myself: How can it be that in the era of information people still discriminate other people because of skin colour, gender, and nowadays even because of health issues! This year I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina. On my way to the dance studio some young people shouted at me: “Carbón con patas” (Coal with legs). Even though this was clearly a racist attack, it did not make me angry this time, I just felt that this statement made me draw a picture in my mind. For the first time I did not feel the urge to go and defend my kind, because in this instant I was contemplating more the creativity of the phrase than the ignorant intention that motivated it. It hit me how strong and powerful art is! It can turn around a mean intend and teach me something about my own power and choice. I could understand that there is hope. If we humans will stick to our creative powers nothing is lost. This piece is not about racism. It is about inspiration, imagination, motivation, transcendence, ... Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/02/2020 / Available

Idea y performance: Horacio Macuacua
Vestuario: Mat Voorter
Fotos: Sem Bruno