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"In 1601 Aldegonde de Rue, seventy years old, after being condemned to dead by burning for witchcraft claimed: "Why just me? If they say that all women are witches!" Since then this idea has changed less than it seems. At the beginning of the show, two young women get quietly into the stage of their lives. Step by step, they move forward and backward. They are moving freely and harmoniously. But those serene bodies must be disciplined again and again. An unavoidable strength try to impose itself choking their gestures, screams, nudities; the audience can feel firsthand a never-ending range of emotions piling up in front of their eyes. Between the most subtle lyricism and an effective violence, the two characters suggest a proposal of freedom; in the background, women who dedicate their lives to erase the stigma of the female inferiority-wickedness”.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 31/05/2019 / Available

Choreography: Milagros Galiano and Yolanda S. Gallego.
Direction: Milagros Galiano
Dancers: Laura Palacios and Milagros Galiano
Dressmaker: Carolina Rivas de la Heras
Music: Mule Education
Vídeo: Gonzalo Gómez, Alexandre Casal and Milagros Galiano
Light design: Inés de la Iglesia and Milagros Galiano
Photography: Juan Carlos Toledo
Premier: Festival Surgemadrid 2019 sala Mirador.