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Breve historia de un largo acontecimento Bikini.Ducc

Synopsis It seems that Anglophones are called whistleblowers. They can be as troublesome as the critics, but their presence is also healthy if there is no excess. They used to called things by name. Dare to dissent, in solidarity with the victims of injustice, are consistent and complete, they make uncomfortable questions to their leaders, denounce inhumane situations ... And while its absence favors the customs addicting sometimes you feel like eliminate them. BREVE HISTORIA DE UN LARGO ACONTECIMIENTO are a creative collaboration between two Andalusian choreographers Raquel Madrid (Dos Proposiciones danza-teatro) and Laura Lizcano (Bikini.Ducc); both of them developed their Works in Seville, and during a project from Andalusian Dance Association (PAD) “Vertebracion” they meet and decides to put in common a new performance based on coming back to the original movement to express the language of internal thoughts, the far away emotions and present ones, the mistakes...
Credits and datasheet

Original Idea and Coreography: Raquel Madrid and Laura Lizcano
Produced by: Dos Proposiciones/Bikini.Ducc Performers: Laura Lizcano y Raquel Madrid Music: Pájaro/Jubilee
Photos: Luis Castilla, Vip Vop
Lengh: 25 minutes
Thanks to: Happy Place Records,Teatro Salvador Távora, Maria González, Paco Lamato, Fernando Merino, Diego Cousido, Guillermo Weickert

Premio PAD 2012 “Mejor espectáculo de calle”
Premio PAD 2012 “Mejor Composición Musical. Espacio Sonoro”