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In this case we have chosen Bologna as a territory to create a piece about Pier Paolo Pasolini, a personal and particular tribute to his birthplace and training; a place and an absolutely essential vital period in the construction of his thought. We have chosen as a complementary title ” The trilogy della vita ” not as a rereading of Pasolini’s film trilogy but as a tribute to the essence of what is for us at the base of pasoliano spirit: life as mysterious unattainable force, which escapes beyond law control, rules and human reason. In this project we work on the conceptual basis of boundaries, conventions and rules, both formally and ideologically, maintaining a constant tension between obedience and subversion. The images treated in this work are, therefore, linked to an evocative symbolism of certain mechanisms of power institutionalized in Europe in the twentieth century: Catholic Church, patriotism, law enforcement, division of social classes and rituals of coexistence. Credits and datasheet

Direcction: Marcos Morau
Coreography: Marcos Morau in colaboration with the performers.
Dancers: Piece for 7 performes.
Alice Bariselli, Laia Duran, Cristina Facco, Fabio Ferrante, Lorena Nogal, Marina Rodríguez, Manuel Rodríguez, Diego Tortelli, Sau-Ching Wong, Roberta Raimondi y Massimiliano Briarava.
Dramaturgical Advisor: Celso Giménez y Tanya Beyeler.
Space &Light Design: La Veronal
Executive Production: Juan Manuel Gil Galindo
Production Assistant: Cristina Goñi Adot
Coproduction: La Veronal y Festival Danza Urbana Bologna.
With the suport of: TIR Danza

With the support of Unicredit SPA, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, Acción Cultural Española, Embajada de España, Institut Ramon Llull, Tir Danza. Special project promoted by Comune di Bologna and Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna as part of Pasolini 1975/2015 iniciatives recognized by MIBACT.