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The company Bikini Ducc was created in Seville as a result of the shared interests of a choreographer, musician, and video creator in researching and creating multidisciplinary scenic art. Embracing contemporary dance as their principal means of communication, the company has deliberately shunned the rules and pointless canons restraining aesthetic expression, and wandered off on an avant-garde path of experimentation to explore the very essence of art. Thus, Bikini Ducc creates performances in which the concept of freedom is paramount, and where even in the purest stage disciplines a plethora of unbridled possibilities will unfold. Ultimately, our goal is to create and produce artistic projects in any form or language. For us there are no boundaries, we use the body to express our peculiar version of what we perceive around us. We reject dance as a hermetic world of its own, and rather use it to bridge the gap to other artistic disciplines.

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  • Manager Laura Lizcano
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone +34 657130888
  • State Sevilla
  • City Gelves
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