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"On. Yet not exploding. I look at the provocation between my claws and wait for the first twink. I shake like a spark up the stick expecting the explosion. In the distance, panic arouses your perfect pose and turns your success into a very thin thread of smoke. The air smells like burnt powder. This fire does not go off, it doesn't celebrate anything anymore, it only extends the self-delusion. When i move i expect you to run towards my roaring; danger is not where announced. Look at me, would you like to stroke my back?" Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/11/2012 / Available

Dirección e interpretación: Álvaro Frutos.​
Colaboración especial: Lucía Vázquez.
Música: Sylvain Robine.
Voz en off: Cipri López.
Fotografía: Luis Castilla.