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The forest - basoa - that hides, that covers. Magical or terrifying place. Like the forest that he wanted to cover and make forget a moment in history full of tragic references. A refugee camp, a concentration camp ... Gurs, an enclave where hundreds of people crowded and died. A place close to us geographically and not so far in history. Gurs serves as a starting point for a reflection on the same situation suffered today by thousands of refugees who flee their lands due to wars and poverty. Gurs is the bridge that unites past and present. Josu Mujika (choreographer) and Iñaki Salvador (composer) have traveled this path together to create this exciting piece, to tell the drama of refugees and their relationship with art and culture. Xabier Sukia (writer) has contributed his texts to accompany the choreography, dressing and embellishing it. Why, until when, why, why ...? Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 05/03/2019 / Available

MUSIC: Iñaki Salvador
TEXTS: Xabier Sukia
VOICES: Xabier Sukia, Arantxa Arza, Marie Luyten, Miriam Mohamed
COSTUME: Maialen Miranda, Naroa Minchero
DANCER @ S: Andrea Aguado, Laure G. Latasa, Maddi Gaztelumendi, Marina Eskisabel, Lara Ivancic, Beñat Urrutia, Oscar Pascual, Raul Abentín, Noel Quintela, Iñigo Rementeria
PHOTOGRAPH: Blanca Razquin
VIDEO: Beñat Gereka (Txikota Komunikazioa)
GENERAL MANAGER: Fernando Sáenz de Ugarte

Co-produced with Vaivén Producciones
Funded by the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa
With the collaboration of: Loraldia Festibala, Gipuzkoako Dantzagunea, Terres de Memoire et de Luttes, Euskal Hirigune Elkargoa