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Barbara Fritsche Dance Project

Barbara Fritsche is the creator and artistic director of the independent dance project “Barbara Fritsche Dance Project®” (2010), which explores the integration of contemporary dance, performing arts & visual arts; currently residing in Madrid (Spain). Both in her choreographic work and when she is on stage, her style is recognizable by her personal way of identifying movement with emotion and by the projection of her own versatile esthetic  language. This language, which has been developing throughout her career, is organic, precise and sensory. Her creations are overflowing with explorations of realities of our present society such as migration and the transformation process with an eclectic  transcultural vision.

The purpose of this project is to create stage pieces in a creative, innovative environment by sharing experiences with dancers and contemporary artists from different fields; a rigorous process of investigation to create a community of artists with stage and audio visual professionals who have their own language that is emotional, provocative, absorbing, harsh organic and always human.

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