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Best Dance Performance Award at FETEN 2015


“Whales, Stories of Giants” is a co-production created by the companies Larumbe Danza (Spain), Pendulo Cero, (Mexico), and Hain Productions (Chile), and the audio-visual 3D creation requested by Sneo Mestizaje Projects (Spain/Uruguay), co-financed by the programme Iberescena.

It is an innovative and multidisciplinary show inspired by the tales and legends of the original peoples of Mexico and Chile, in which the interactivity between dancers and 3d projections permit the spectator to immerse himself in the thousands of stories told with a contemporary aestheticism and narrative. The dancers interact with the virtual scenography through the projection of the stereoscopic 3D images, thus the spectators go to the theatre but they see a play with 3D glasses as if they were in the cinema.


Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 29/12/2013 / Available

Genre: 3D Hypermedia Contemporary Dance / New artistic languages
Suggested Age: 6 up to 12 years old (Children/Family)
Idea and Coproduction: Larumbe Danza (Spain) / Pendulo Cero (Mexico) / Hain Producciones (Chile) / Sneo Mestizaje Projects (Uruguay/Spain)
Choreography: Daniela Merlo, Miroslava Wilson, David Mariano, Mª Paz Calabrano
Stage Manager: Juan de Torres
Audiovisual and Multimedia Creation: Jmac Garín and Sebastián Alíes
Soundscape Creation: Jmac Garín
Lighting Design: Lia Alves
Photography: Pedro Arnay, BSLG
Graphic Design: Son Avalos, Subito Red Desarrollos
Administration: Mamen Caceres
Management and Production: Lizbeth Perez
General Production: Juan de Torres