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“Some memories are like mutual friends, they know how to bring about reconciliations”.  (Marcel Proust) The grammar of dance. The choreographic traces of a body. Or on a body. A place for encounters between two temporalities: presence and absence. The imprint of memory; scar or path.                                                                                                                                     Francisco LR Parra A piece composed by looking back at its trajectory, with a natural revision imposed by the passing of time and its experience and evolution. Every night a guest artist will be invited to take part in this danced biography. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/12/2014 / Available

Direction and coreography: Juan Carlos Lérida
Music: Collage December.
Dancer: Juan Carlos Lérida
Light design: LaSuite and Marc lleixa
Set design: JC
Production: Danilo Pioli (
Fotografía: Francisco Villalta
Con el soporte de: Asoc. Flamenco Empírico.

Premiere/Estreno: 12 Diciembre 2014 –Showcas-CAS-Sevilla

*Nominado al premio Major solo de danza XVIII premis de la Critica de Catalunya 2016