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"Bailar en hombre" (Dancing in Male): Creative Process and Research on Flamenco Dance from a Queer Perspective,” a unique performance and conference based on his staged work “Bailar en hombre” (Madrid 2015). The work is the culmination of his research spanning over two years on the construction of masculinity in flamenco dance, the male-female relationship and their respective roles in this space and finally, the deep connection, in his view, between gender and sexuality. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 28/05/2015 / Available

Artistic direction: Fernando López
Coreography: Fernando López
Music: VVAA
Dancing: Fernando López, Irene Heríaz/Paca Rodríguez

Première in Madrid in 2015.
Performed in: IV Bienal de Arte Flamenco de Maracaibo (Venezuela), Festival L’Appel de la Lune (Paris), Out in the Tropics (Miami), Festival 360 Degrés de Danse (Paris), Festival Coincidències (Barcelona), Museo del Traje (Madrid), Festival Flamenco Diverso (Madrid):