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BAAL (Catalina Carrasco & Gaspar Morey)

Baal was created in 2012 by Catalina Carrasco (dancer, performer, coreographer) and Gaspar Morey (scientist, tecnologist and performer).

They define their work as Transdance:

Trans = “across, beyond, through, on the other side of”. Indeed we’re on transit: we’re not from here nor from there. We’re not classified but we do have our identity. Our work is plenty of transversal lines joining points to create a translucent, transborder language; a language that does not obey to the established norms. A language eager to transform conventions and rebels against conformism. A space exposing expressive beings, beyond the interpreter. This way biological and technological.

Catalina is the artistic motor of BAAL: Her restlessness, her non-conformism and her panic to boredom are her fuel. She graduated in Contemporary Dance at Miguel Hernández University. She has been trained in different countries and disciplines, from classic to the most contemporary, passing through Butoh and theatre. She took classes even in Nepal because of her curiosity of learning new ways of moving. Whilst finishing her studies, she started dancing in TV-shows and Cabaret and became member of a professional dance company in Madrid. Later on she has worked in companies en Barcelona, Majorca, Santiago de Chile, Berlin and Cologne. Her urgent need to create led her to produce short pieces which have been awarded on (Salt, Encuentreos Navarra, Burgos/New York).

Gaspar Morey’s main background is in Biomechanics. Actually he holds a PhD in Biomechanics by the German Sport University of Cologne, where he worked for 10 years. Later on he was leading the Lab for functional footwear analysis from INESCOP in Spain. He left this job moving the research inside the lab, to researching on stage, this way embarking on the actual project which is BAAL.

Gaspar Morey started collaborating with Catalina in technical stuff as lighting, sound and interactive technology. Later on also as a dancer and performer. He has also worked with/for other artists as Cia. AuMents, Mercedes Boronat or Joan Morey.


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  • Manager Catalina Carrasco / Gaspar Morey
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone +34 645 892 046
  • Phone +34 678 779 398
  • State Baleares
  • City Palma de Mallorca
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