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Along the history of human evolution (or rather an involution), humans have realized that they have been self-tamed. People developed enough awareness to feel as if their instincts had been oppressed; they craved the freedom that allowed them to express their human essence without barriers or oppressions. This process led the individual to a fight against himself and against society and its norms. The wild and animal instincts are freed, establishing power struggles and hierarchies. However, over time, individuals learn to cooperate and establish communication bridges to promote the understanding between group members. Within this coexistence, the expression of one's creativity is negotiated and different ways to contribute to the proper functioning of the group are found. Azul Petróleo is an instinctual search where we witness a reflection on how group membership affects the expression of our individual human nature. Using a movement language that revolves around urban and contemporary dances, fundamental questions about human existence are presented: How much of our individuality are we willing to sacrifice to maintain our membership to a group? Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 19/03/2022 / Available

Direction: Iron Skulls Co
Choreographers, idea & performers: Luis Muñoz, Diego Garrido, Moisés “Moe” & Héctor Plaza “Buba”
Duration: 65 minutes
Premier: 19th of March 2022 in LAVA, Valladolid, Spain.
Style and Genre: Contemporary Urban Dance
Lighting & Masks: Óscar González
Lighting Led & Lasers: Jordi Blasco
Theoretical Assistant: Carlito Fluito
Music: Stefan Hoffmeister
Costumes: Hamcus
Photography & Video: Vicente R.
Graphic Design: Julen Garcia

Artistic residences:
Carpa Revolució
Konvent Zero
Fabra i Coats
Centro Coreográfico Canal
Central del Circ
La Caldera

SAT! Teatre
Hop Festival
Fab Lab Barcelona

Iron Skulls Co
Dansa Metropolitana
LAVA | Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid
Teatros del Canal – Madrid Cultura y Turismo, SAU

Department of Culture – Generalitat de Catalunya