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"A show for children from 0-3 years old with mom or dad to get up them" what´s Aupapá?...One gestural-choreographical solo, which proposes an active interaction with young viewers to an unusual distance in the scenic fact. why?...Having done a previous work for children from 1 year old, we plan to make a proposal to adapt to the natural position of children of that age and their point of view from the crawling position. Thus we made a cubic structure, on its upper face translucent to allow observation - participation from an upper level to the action is created. In the four vertical faces portholes open that allow the participation - observation by older children (up to 3 years). what´s about the work?...Aupapá proposes an interactive space in which freedom is given to babies to participate in or observe as they themselves decide at all times. This communication space does not close only to changes in the interpreter working from within, but also to the space of viewers. how runs the show?...Being a very sensitive public, the development of the show is careful to detail. Therefore the entry as part of the show is conceived; the intensity of light and sound environment contribute to a friendly atmosphere for babies accepting the new situation. So they can make the most of the experience with their children, they are given some guidelines to accompanying adults, inviting them to respect the times and decisions to participate or just observe of babies at all times. After this introduction the audience is invited to join around the stage space, entering the perimeter of white linoleum on the scenic structure is set, for which they should already have been removed their shoes. Light is the element that invites focus attention on the scene to begin and indicating the end by the action of the interpreter, gradually opening out to let go gradually removing the public to collect their personal items and go leaving the room. "A work to the senses where the light, sounds, gestures and movement create a pleasant atmosphere, a haven of quiet observation at a time outside the daily rhythm” AUPAPÁ "OH Awards ! Performing Arts 2012 - Best Set Proposal” About Us Since 2000 this group has explored the bording fields between movement and theatricality, creating a language for each of the jobs that has occurred. In its concept of the scene, light, sound and stage area shares the spotlight with body language . The company has moved in different national and international spaces in highly diverse projects . In this time he has made fifteen own productions aimed at both children and adult audiences. With over twenty five years of professional behind Estrella Garcia is the head of Zig Zag Dance experience. She has received several prizes in recognition of his work . Also participates in projects of theater, zarzuela, opera and musical charge of the choreography and stage. About the Work More than 140 performances since its premiere and participation in some of the reference fairs and festivals are the best presentation of this show that by its conception never ceases to evolve. Among others, Aupapa has been selected to participate in the following programs: FETEN, Baby Planet Festival, Dance Gijon, Zamora JEN Festival, Alternative Theatre Network Circuit, Seville Dance Month, El Mes Petit de Tots Festival (Sabadell -Barcelona ) Dance Festival of Cadiz, PLATEA Catalog 2015, Performing Arts Circuit Castilla La Mancha, Dance on Stage 2015 Tour Network theaters and auditoriums of Public Ownership, Waking up to Arts Festival 2015 (Galicia), Theatre Internacional Festival of Vitoria 2015. Performance Trailer >> A meeting with the creators (spanish) >> Technical Rider • Duration: 30 – 35 minutes (The show begins with audience entry to the exit) • Set up: 3 hours (+ material download) • Disassembly: 1 hour (+ material upload) • Scene disposition: Circular • Lighting needs: 4 Pcs (500 or 1.000W) 3 Pcs (500 or 1.000W) 7 circuits Control Light Board • Sound needs: PA suitable to the space Control Board with two stereo channels Dual deck CD player (If you lack any of these materials can contribute them to the company, consulting) • Easy access to charge • Interior space with the possibility to get dark • Light and sound control on the stage • Projection Surface (wall, curtain, screen) Audience per show: • On the set: 48 people (8 babies from 0 to 1 year and a half on top of the structure + un adult per baby // 16 children from 1 year and a half to 3 around the structure + un adult per child). • Outside the set: enabled other possible accompanying adults, from where they can watch the show through an overhead camera located on the set area. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/10/2010 / Available

Estrella García & Miguel Quiroga
Miguel Quiroga
Estrella García
Andy Monroe
Lighting / PA
Miguel Quiroga
Set design
Luis Mosquera & Miguel Quiroga
Production // distribution
Zig Zag Danza S.L.
30-35 minutes