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AULA ( un espectáculo de danza site-specific) Natalia Jiménez Gallardo

AULA is a work about the learning processes in dance that takes place inside the premises of the University, and a transformative experience for the audience. It is an exploration into the writing of movement towards the unveiling of some of the mysteries around how the body is inscribed in space, how body movement is transmitted to other bodies. The audience is summoned (displaced) to a classroom inside the University of Seville (the old Tobacco Factory) to see a show. We work with this site-specific format keeping very much in mind the inherent memory of this educational space. The question of dance is introduced in the context of a class, in order to create an analogy between Theatre and The Academic. Through this deconstructed class device, essential topics emerge, making room to another possible reality of knowledge. The sound design connects the viewer permanently with the architecture of the classroom, while the bodies of the dancers seek strategies (separately and together) aimed at transcending the symbolic universe that surrounds them. AULA builds a new narrative of the bodies, where interruption, pivoting, the classroom's real sound, those generated by the dancers, etc., coexist as parts of the same story. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/02/2019 / Available

Equipo Artístico

Creación y dirección: Natalia Jiménez Gallardo y José Luis de Blas
Bailarinas: Natalia Jiménez Gallardo y Leonor Leal
Espacio Sonoro: Juan Diego Calzada
Diseño y confección de Vestuario: Marisa Gallardo
Iluminación Comunicación: Carmen Mori
Asesoramiento artístico: Paola F. Zurbarán, Federica Fratagnoli, Sergi Gómez ,Jorge Gallardo