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In ATLAS (Map of moves) Dani Pannullo is nourished by the imaginary of photographer José Ortiz Echagüe (1886-1980) to continue delving into the search for his personal choreographic language. The mutual interest of the photographer and the choreographer for orientalism is reflected in a show where the barriers between the different artistic expressions disappear to create their own language and aesthetics.
ATLAS is a game of contrasts between the energy emitted by a body of dance formed by athletes / dancers, fully masculine, and the evocative beauty of Ortiz-Echagüe's images. Dani Pannullo creates a choreography surprisingly close to acrobatics that combines elements of work-out free-style with parkour technique, b-boying and even elements of the Greco-Roman fight. In the words of Dani himself, "ATLAS is a show of free thought that uses dance to talk about such transcendental topics as childhood, courage or rivalry; reflects on the symbols and the strength of religions. " "I knew that in an infinite time all things happen to every man." (The Aleph / The immortal - Borges)
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 16/11/2018 / Available

Idea y dirección: Dani Pannullo inspirada en la obra fotográfica de José Ortiz Echagüe

Equipo artístico:
– Alberto Gómez
– Daniel González
– Gilbert Jackson
– Julián Gómez
– León Barras
– Miguel Espada

Arte gráfico: ZETA

Vestuario: Maison MESA, ADNAN y ADIDAS

Musicalización y visuales: Antonio Mosquera (TZOOTZ Research)

Iluminación: Lola Barroso

Fotografía: José Ortiz Echagüe & Rafa Gallar

Una producción de Ritmos del Mundo con el apoyo del Museo de la Universidad de Navarra y Nacho Gutiérrez