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Flamenco, with its characteristic song, dance, and guitar play, has always been a quintessentially Spanish art form. However, it is even more so now that we are finally about to leave behind these pandemic times. Through dance one can over grief. Although we do not want to forget it altogether, we can overcome it with our joyous flamenco. Ready for flamenco? Yes, absolutely. You cannot listen to flamenco, nor suffer or enjoy, unless you are ready, with all five senses tuned into it, attentive, educated and courteous to it. It is profound, yet enigmatic, majestic, yet humble. It is the voice of the people, and the voice of heaven. In the beginning it was the rhythm, the sound of the body, systole and diastole, the beatings of the heart transformed into sole and heel. Then came the mysterious and pure voice amplified by the likes of Silverio, or Chacón.  Or Manuel Torre, this boy from Jerez whose cry gave us goose bumps and made the mirrors crack. And the guitar! Oh, the guitar. My companion with its dark hole in its box from where sound emanates and gives endless life to the song and dance, all mixed into this mysterious, energetic world. With this new creation we are going to enjoy this world, at the hands of Rita Clara and her group. The dance is by Marcos Rodríguez, the songs by Diego Baeza, the guitar by Jesús Rodríguez, and the percussion is by Alberto Farto «Juguillos». Be ready for… FLAMENCO! Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 11/07/2021 / Available