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Flamenco and Spanish Dance showing different styles in flamenco,

Created to 14 dancers (but open to negotiate a possible reduction of the cast, for space requirements or production).

Duration 1h 30 '

After our first show "de Sagre y RAZA", with which we were awarded in the XXIII Contest of Spanish Dance and Flamenco de Madrid (single prize of group choreography awarded this year, Award for Best Costume Design, Flamenco Vivo Award Carlota Santana New York, Maria de Avila Award CSDM), the Centro de Danza del Canal in Madrid, has chosen our company, granting the temporary residence and selecting us to make a premiere of our second show "ARAT; from Fellah-Mangu to Flamenco" in the Sala Negra, part of los Teatros del Canal on September 15, 2015 . Our desire with “ARAT” is to show the evolution of flamenco from its roots, from his first origin in Arab and going through some of the greatest artists that flamenco dance has given us, showing the evolution in steps and style, to end in a modern Flamenco that show the movements, feelings and choreography that give the stamp to the creations of our choreographer Juan Manuel Prieto and with the modern and
  • Choreography present a "cycle time" that begins and ends in the XXI century, showing our own vision of the most current and stylized Flamenco Dance. After this overture, we will introduce one of the possible origins of Flamenco: La Zambra Mora, almost forgotten, presenting dances that influenced Moorish gypsies who came to Andalusia in the XVII century, and after this, we will present a journey through the history of Flamenco will review our oldest art, both choreographed and musically. Showing eg "The Seguirilla by Silverio" soleares by "La Niña de los Peines" or Alegrías by Camarón.
  • Staging and lighting show the scenic evolution of this art from the XVII century to the present day. Performing how these dances of traditional origin and almost tribal, could become "what we now know about Flamenco" in every of its own time, with a concept of stage space and theatrical lighting full of drama, movement and then own the XXI century figures.
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 15/09/2015 / Available

Idea original y Guión: Carlos Fajardo y Juan Manuel Prieto
Dirección artística y Coreografía: Juan Manuel Prieto
Dirección escénica e Iluminación: Carlos Fajardo
Diseño y Realización de Vestuario: Carmen Granell
Asistente de dirección y Comunicación: Roberto Pereira
Music: Various Artist
Duration: 1h 30′