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Take dance, contemporary at that, for child and family audiences, add new audiences to quality and innovation and it is quite evident what you get: Aracaladanza.

Since the beginning in 1995 and spurred on by the choreographer and true soul of the project, Enrique Cabrera, the company has become a benchmark for Spanish scenic arts earning the acclaim of both critics and audience.

They have been invited to participate at the most important national festivals in Spain and internationally in great theatres and festivals across Europe, Africa, Australia, Central America and Asia. The specialist critics have supported the poetics of one of the most acclaimed authoring companies in Spain (various FETEN Prizes, various MAX Prizes and the National Prize for Child and Youth Scenic Arts in 2010).

During the last years, the curtain has gone up for the company on more than 4.000 occasions and their scenic arts (for babies, youth, family public, and street spectators) have been enjoyed by around half a million spectators.

The work with the objects becoming protagonists and the flawless making of their scenic productions are the pillars of what the company has promoted since its creation.

Through transparent administration, respectful of people and attentive to the needs of their own components, Aracaladanza strives for artistic and entrepreneurial excellence without forsaking its true spirit: offering joy, happiness and scenic work contributing to the development of the imagination.

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  • Manager Patricia Torrero
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  • Mobile phone 687596177
  • Phone (+ 34) 913693564
  • State Madrid
  • City MADRID