Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

AQUÍ, SIEMPRE is a dance-documentary work created in collaboration with the 4 participating dancers Carla de Diego, Christine Cloux, Irene Ducaju y Mona Belizan. The conceptual framework and choreography of the work was created by Poliana Lima who also acts as Creative Director of the project.

The work takes as its starting point the detailed specificity of the lives and dance practices (historical and current) of the 4 dancers i.e. their individual autobiographical maps. The piece explores how those individuated experiences can cohere to celebrate a certain history of dance; a desire to create a shared language of dance; a desire to dance one’s own dance; an opportunity to re-affirm for performers and audiences alike the specificities of time and space through the inter-relationship of movement, language and image; an opportunity to reflect on the inexorable passage of time and the intimate and deeply personal way that we relate to time. In short to show: FOUR HISTORIES, FOUR PLACES, FOUR TIMES, FOUR WOMEN: ONE EVENT. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 09/04/2019 / Available

Choreography / Creative Director: Poliana Lima
Creative Advisor/Associate Producer: Steve Purcell
Performers: Carla de Diego, Christine Cloux, Irene Ducaju y Mona Belizan.
Soundscore: Vidal
Lighting Designer: Pablo Seoane
Video: Alexis Delgado y Álvaro Gomez Pidal
Photography: Álvaro Gomez Pidal
Graphic Design: Denis Forigo
Running Time: 55 minutes