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SELECTED BY CIRCUITO NACIONAL DE LA RED ALTERNATIVA DE TEATROS (NATIONAL CIRCUIT OF ALTERNATIVE THEATRES) SELECTED IN THE CIRCUIT SAREA OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY. SELECTED FOR INTERNATIONAL TOUR WITH CERVANTES INSTITUTE 2012. APPLE LOVE is the 3rd stage production company Iker Gómez - TEATRO FÍSICO. A multidisciplinary creation involving artists from four spanish regions (Galicia, País Vasco, Cataluña and Gran Canarias). A piece that combines dance, physical theater, video and video-music stage from a choreographic for a whole scene on the conference in total love with an inevitable dose of humor optics. APPLE LOVE is comprised of four performers on stage, two video-performers and five video-musicians, who are the team assistant principal character: a researcher who is in search of TOTAL LOVE. Love, Love is a comprehensive, universal theme that has been played many times, represented and analyzed, both from the arts, as from philosophy, religion or science. An issue where the amount of information, images and references that exist in society, is so high that it begins to become almost impossible to define what is "love" in a relevant way. More info: Click Here Visit our website: Click Here   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 09/12/2010 / Not available

Direction and Choreography: Iker Gómez.
Executive Production and Logistics: Cristina Alonso.
Music: Bigorringo.
Lighting Designer: Amador Comensal.
Photo: Juan Pérez.
Dancers: Ruth Balbis, Gemma Galera, Maxime Iannareli e Iker Gómez.
Video Dancers: Ingrid Medina, Daniel Hernández.
Video Musicians: Nerea Alberdi, Kepa Elgoibar, Dani González, Iago Molly, David Sánchez.