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This is a choreographic work and the result of an investigation of a creation of a staged piece without seeing. Intentionally director and interpreters refused to succumb to the value judgment that offers the sense of sight. Our vision gets mad and the other senses disguise themselves as it. Dancers who play, hear and read in order to be able to see. We invite the viewer to imagine other possibilities to move bodies and different ways of moving space, light and sound. We create a choreography where the 'trompe l'oeil' lets us think that things can always have more than one face; that reality may have nothing to do with what we always believed.

¿How do you see us? 

This piece aims to to reflect on the predominance of oculocentrism within the performing arts, based on blind work. Erasing the vision in an oculocentered society as a radical political gesture to generate new scenic forms, new ways of creating and experiencing dance, beyond sight and the visual. The research process focused on the study and observation of the human faculty to create, compose and memorize movement, from a blind body perspective. This process has consisted of the creation of a choreography without seeing, in which the choreographer and performers resort to the sense of touch and its sub-senses (the kinesthetic, proprioception, balance and mechanical reception). We were seduced by the idea of ​​going in to a dance research assuming the risks of doing it with a methodology and a score based on the sensorial and body memory — and not vision or video. Thus, the risk and clumsiness implicit in the methodology will become the theme and poetics of the piece, exploiting the naturalness and spontaneity of the artist, reintegrating the error and showing the difficulty (and the gain) of eliminating the sense of sight. in creation. Credits and datasheet

Original Idea, Concept and artistic direction: Paula Serrano
Choreography and performance: Paula Serrano with the collaboration of Itxasai Mediavilla and Isabel Álvarez
Dramaturgy and text: Oriol López
Soundscape and night vision: David Orrico  
Lighting design: Isabel Joaniquet and Paula Serrano 
Character design and stage design: Paula Serrano
Make up design: Gisela Palma 
Make up assistant: Isabel Joaniquet
Light, video and sound technitian: José Luis Castet
Video and Photographs of the show: Jesús Robisco
Documentary video: Gabriel Morán
Graphic design: Itxasai Mediavilla

Thank you to:
SISU mouthguards, ONCE Valencia, Verdalia, CSD Institut del Teatre, Montserrat Tolosa, Aimar Pérez Galí y Mauricio Zuñiga. 

Supporting the creation: 
Elclimamola with the support of Departamento de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya as part of the program <>. 
Graners de creació, artistic residencies 2019-2022, as part of the program <> de la Generalitat Valenciana.
Sala Hiroshima-Dansa Quinzena Metropolitana and Espai Inestable-Festival Dansa València.

Residency spaces: 
La Granja IVC, Espai Inestable, l’Estruch de l’Ajuntament de Sabadell and CC Fort Pienc

Paula Serrano

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