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Anoche no pude dormir porque… La Turba

Cold and wet night.

Can not sleep.

Try to sleep.

Look for the lethargy.

Entering her imagination tunnel.

And later…

This piece arises from the desire on the part of Carlota Berzal director to make a piece with a member of Ataxias Seville Association. Knowing about this association for years due to her mother being a member of it, Berzal wants to investigate on stage with a volunteer. It is in this instance when she meets Cristina Reyes and they begin to investigate together. It´s a challenging and enriching challenge for both women since it is the first stage piece as a performer for Reyes and the first collaboration together. As Ataxia is a neurodegenerative disease, this performance is characterized by being malleable and adaptable to the changes required by the performer as it progresses over time.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 07/07/2020 / Available

Creator and Performer:
Cristina Reyes

Compañía La Turba

Graphic and Audiovisual Design:
Federico Tarántola

Choreography and Direction:
Carlota Berzal