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Anemoi - Street View is a piece inspired by memories of the sea and the tactile sensations that sunlight, wind and water can produce on the skin. Very important for the piece is the music by David Peña Dorantes, which places us in a magical paradise. Flamenco piano, "jondo" and virtuoso, with an absolutely personal current and imaginative vision. The sound space is completed with the sound of castanets and the urban environment... a train, a bird, or the water of the fountains. Anemoi - Street View, brings Spanish dance to the streets and shares with the public sensations of freedom, happiness, power and fulfillment through its immensely creative and unlimited language. A root dance, the Spanish, which in constant evolution connects nature with the urban and the spiritual with the earth. And traditional elements such as the castanets and the Spanish cape, contrast with the use of genderless costumes and unconventional spaces of representation. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 23/05/2021 / Available

Direction and choreography: Esther Tablas
Music: David Pena Dorantes
Laura Daganzo
Victor Martin
Ana del Rey
Costume designer: Carmen Granel
Photography: marcosGpunto
Duration: 30 minutes.
Also available 15 minute and 20 minute versions.