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"The world, unity of everything, was not created by anyone among gods, nor by anyone among men, but was, is and will be an eternal living fire, which is lit and extinguished subject to laws" - Heraclitus of Ephesus ANEMOI is a show inspired by the elements of nature, its movement and its connection with the human being. The cause of all things in a first material substance: fire. To this eternal fire of birth and destruction are joined wind, water, and metal. This permanent mobility is based on a structure of opposites. The contradiction is at the origin of all things. The conflict of opposites generates a harmony present in nature and human affairs (light and darkness, heat and cold, man and woman...) that give meaning and richness to existence. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 07/11/2021 / Available

Dirección y coreografía
Esther Tablas
Coreógrafos invitados
Laura Fúnez | Conchi Jiménez | Javier Sánchez
Maureen Choi | David Peña Dorantes | Rodrigo Leâo | Joan Valent | Coetus
Enrique Arias | Laura Daganzo | Laura Fúnez | Jesús Hinojosa | Conchi Jiménez | Ana del Rey
Carmen Granel
Diseño de iluminación
Álex Mantua
Beatrix Molnar
Matel Cultura – May Torrejón
La Locomotora Comunicación
Rajatabla Danza