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"Anda que no ni ná!" is an original, dynamic, and entertaining show for all audiences. A perfect combination of Dance, Theatre, and Circus that surprises for its non conventional format. Both the duration of the show and the setting are easily adaptable for its performance in theatre, street, and non conventional spaces, either the complete version of it or short pieces meant for festivals. As movement is the main language used in this piece, and family relationships its main theme, audience from any country or culture will easily understand it and will laugh without stop during the whole show. The daily events in this home, such as cleaning, having lunch together, taking a nap, become non conventional and surprising. This is a story that conveys core values about the importance of taking care of our elderly and children, the way family relationships work, how our parents and our grandparents appreciated material things in a different way . The story is told in a humorous tone, together with dance and theatre. This show was nominated to "Best Street and Circus Show" at the Lorca Theatre Awards 2019 and received the Audience Award at he 31 Choreography Competition in Madrid in 2017. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 18/01/2017 / Available

Dirección/Director: Silvia López
Dirección coreográfica/Choreographic Director: Celia Sako
Ayudante de coreografía/Choregraphic Assistant: Maximiliano Sanford
Música/Music: Morten Jespersen
Escenografía/Setting: Marcelino Sako